What We Doo

Until dogs learn to do this...

OODLES OF DOODLES PET WASTE REMOVALS will clean your lawn once weekly, monthly, or one time right before that big family cookout. We will give you peace of mind that your lawn is clean and fresh. You won't have to spend your time worrying that someone will drag the stink and stain in on your new carpet.

Pet waste can also carry disease. Just about every type of worm that a dog can get can be carried in it's feces, and are transmittable to humans. Also Giardia, ecoli, toxoplasmosis, and parvovirus can be carried by dogs from walking around and transmitted to other animals. If your children play in your yard or if you go barefoot you’ll want to be sure to have your doggies business removed to ensure a safe yard. You won’t have to worry about making time in your busy schedule because you know your lawn has been cleaned by professional people who take this job seriously.

We offer professional pet waste removal service (a fancy name for pooper scooper) at the most affordable prices.

We work year round because your dog doodles year round. We disinfect our equipment in between service calls to prevent the spread of diseases.

Our newest service is a raccoon and rodent repellent. We use an all natural, humane spray that is safe for your animals. Raccoons are attracted to bad smells and their feces is dangerous to humans and animals. It can be deadly! Keep your family and pets safe and have us spray our natural repellent around the perimeter of your property on a weekly basis or after heavy rains.